On Being a Woman – Violence and Alcohol

Congress finally passed (or should I say, reaffirmed) the Violence Against Women Act. Apparently, what was holding up the legislation was the issue of Native American women. Do the federal government and its law enforcement agencies have jurisdiction on autonomous... read more

On Being a Woman – Valued, Part 2

This is the second (concluding) segment of the blog on women’s value. The first segment can be read here. But is it just monetary value that women are lacking? Maybe it’s also personal value – not being taken seriously for their immense contributions to human... read more

On Being a Woman – Valued, Part 1

As so often happens, when I start to write on a topic, it goes over the 300 word “limit” on blogs (reader attention limit), so I’m splitting this one up into two parts. Here’s Part 1. ______________________ One of the most frustrating aspects... read more

On Being a Woman – Options, Part 3

This is the final segment of a piece, written about three decades ago, that surfaced as I was sorting through previous, unpublished writing. The first two segments can be seen here and here. _________________________ Then it was time to graduate and get a job. I had... read more

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