The Bewildered Patient’s Whole-Body Health Guide

The Bewildered Patient’s Whole-Body Health Guide is a valuable, highly informative guide to understanding and caring for the only body you’ll ever have.

You’ll learn how your body’s organs work, how to keep them healthy, what can go wrong, and how to make the best use of your visits to health-care providers. Find strategies for long-term maintenance of the amazing, self-regulating, self-repairing body you live in every day.

This wellness guide offers tips on eating nutritiously, exercising adequately, avoiding accidents, preventing disease, decreasing stress, and minimizing exposure to environmental toxins. The writing is accessible, informative, and reader-friendly.

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On Being a Woman

What are the roles, the promises, and the limits for women in today’s world? Transcending sexism.

Science and Spirit

How does human consciousness fit into the universe? How do we understand and transform our world?

Woman of the World

A woman can explore and travel on her own. Adventures living and being around the world.

Body Wisdom

Understand and care for your body. Develop long-term health habits. Interface successfully with the healthcare system.

Other Books by J.A.V. Simson

Is there hope for peace on the Korean peninsula? These deeply personal stories of two Western women reveal the almost unimaginable transformation of Korea from a culturally and politically united peninsula at the end of the nineteenth century into today’s dangerously divided land.

A collection of meditations aimed at understanding the nature of spiritual experience. Dr. Simson is a scientist who has explored the history and content of most major world religions, has been a lifetime “truth-seeker,” and takes a sympathetic view of the God-quest.

This beautifully illustrated booklet narrates a tour from Ukraine to Moscow and then on an idyllic cruise  through northern Russian rivers and ancient towns to St. Petersburg, the glorious capital of imperial Russia. A thousand years of Russian history unfolds during the journey.

This eclectic collection of short fiction centers on the theme of revelations that can occur during unplanned encounters with those we don’t know or don’t understand, including ourselves. The poignancy of each story arises from the flash of understanding, sometimes tempered with despair, that may be triggered by such chance interactions.

Jo Anne Valentine was born during the Great Depression, attended grade school during World War II, and earned a Ph.D. in the biomedical sciences. She did research and taught at a time when women experienced difficulties pursuing a scientific career. She has three children and six grandchildren. Keenly interested in human culture, she lived abroad for five years in four countries. This autobiography narrates a complex life…

Readers are drawn into the heart of a scientific laboratory―or more than one―where scientists, technicians, and students probe mysteries, brew concoctions, and congeal dogma from limited data and occasional flashes of insight. But beneath the science lies a darker, more complex world, where reason can lose its foothold, where human frailty lies just beneath a smooth, coherent surface.