Slicing upstream

through silent waters, into a mirror

world, dream world, water world,

liquid glass, gliding into two worlds,

real and unseen, seen and seems.

Leaves flit

across the water like butterflies.

Butterflies flutter above its surface

like leaves.  Logs lie like lazy

alligators barring the way.

A snake slithers,

double headed, across the stream. Cypress

knees jut up and down toward the

mirrored sky.  An ancient trunk projects

 its mighty image deep into the water.

An alligator oozes

into the stream, tracking me.

Everything double,

mirror-imaged Rorschach,

peaceful, dreadful suspense


I walk into a dimming summer evening.

Swallows circle in flight; bats zig-zag

beneath a Magritte sky above

wood-frame houses, sharply silhouetted.

Curtains flutter in an upstairs window.

            No one stands

behind them, watching, Streets silent,

save an air conditioner hissing,

sputtering flecks of scum at me. I try to

remember to pray to be spared or forgiven

whatever evil lurks in this dark summer night.