It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this site. I apologize, slightly, for the silence. I will say, though, that almost the only folks who comment on this blog these days are spammers: someone wanting to sell me something (most commonly male organ enhancement products) – or someone who barely knows English wanting to get me to respond to their nonsense or click on a link, which I don’t dare do. There was one honest and interesting comment on a blog post, and I was happy to upload that and respond.

I’m finding this website a bit difficult to maintain – partly because I’m not a tech guru, and the very fine people who set up the website are now mostly doing other things. So I’m sort of on my own. I do have another website, which, luckily, I didn’t abandon when this one came online. That other one is not nearly as slick as this design, but it’s easier for an amateur like me to access and post on. Here’s the link, in case you’re interested.

But part of the problem is that I’ve been way too busy with other stuff, especially writing and publishing a new book – and trying to sell more of those already published. Also, getting ready to move. The move was supposed to have happened last month, but the place I planned to move into isn’t finished yet. So with that bit of extra time, I’m trying to catch up on social media – not entirely successfully.

Also, I’m working on another book, nearly finished in first draft form. It probably won’t be much farther along until after the move. Sigh… It’s about a trip to Russia in 1992 – shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which led to the collapse of the USSR. The trip was a Sierra Club service trip to Lake Baikal to help clear trash from one of the nearby national parks.

Here are a couple of photos from that trip.

An outdoors picnic on Lake Baikal. Our two guides, Vitali and Sergei are in front, center.
Vitali and Van carrying trash to what became a very large trash pile.