It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this website, having been preoccupied with other writing efforts AND with trying to get my life in order (a perennial problem) – not to mention April income taxes.

What’s in the works?

In press right now are two books. One is a collection of short fiction that I hope will be of interest to many readers. The other is an autobiography that will be of interest primarily to family and close friends. I’ll write about the latter in a later post.

Cover Image

I just received the cover image for the short story collection, Speaking with Strangers, and would like to share it–along with some back-cover blurbs.

Short Fiction


The image on the right is from a photo taken a few years ago at the British Museum. A man gazes intently at a sculpted glass skull in a museum display case, as if trying to fathom and interact with that strange human image/artifact. I thought it might be an appropriate metaphor for stories in the book.

Book Blurbs

Back cover blurb: This eclectic collection of short fiction centers on the theme of revelations that can occur during unplanned encounters with those we don’t know or don’t understand, including ourselves. The poignancy of each story arises from the flash of understanding, sometimes tempered with despair, that may be triggered by such chance interactions.

An editor wrote: “a truly remarkable collection of short stories. There are many arresting, alarming, disorienting, disturbing endings and junctures. The range of characters, setting, themes, moods, and plots makes it a riveting page turner—not like a suspense novel—more like an art museum full of quiet, unpredictable surprises. . .”  Mary Johnston, editor, Wordworks.

This book will be out and available in a month or so. When it comes out, it should be available on Amazon. I’ll update you on its progress.