Short Fiction COVER REVEAL

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this website, having been preoccupied with other writing efforts AND with trying to get my life in order (a perennial problem) – not to mention April income taxes. What’s in the works? In press right now...

Uglich, Goritsi, and Kirillo Belozersky Monastery

Russia, River Cruise, continued. On deck, the sun is shining, the boat is churning smoothly across Lake Onega, the wind is a little brisk, the cirrus clouds divide the sky into deep blue above and a beautiful turquoise swatch  nearer the horizon. This cruse part of...

Travel – Solo? With a Tour?

The world outside my comfort zone has always beckoned me to come, see, and understand. To you, curious reader, armchair traveler, seasoned traveler, or would-be traveler, I offer here a lifetime of experiences and insights in our strange and wonderful world.

Russia Revisited

This picture of the Moscow Kremlin was taken during a tour with Grand Circle Travel to Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, and Finland, May 24 – June 17, 2010. Personal notes on the tour have been posted on the blog site linked below, beginning with an entry on arriving...

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