On Valentine’s Day with Love

            February 14, Valentine’s Day, is a holiday of the heart, a day when we celebrate Love and give gifts and send greetings to those we love. This has always been a special holiday for me, because my maiden name was Valentine, a... read more

What Do Women Wear?

It’s pathetic that women go along … with such exploitation. It takes almost nothing to arouse a man, so why go to these extremes? … Isn’t it time to take a calm-down pill?

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On Being a Woman: Female Scientist

From the time I was quite young – perhaps ten years of age– I have been enthralled by the way the world works, and I wanted to be a scientist, initially an astronomer. Sometime later – perhaps around age thirteen – I also wanted to become a writer. I struggled with... read more

Contraception and Human Social Well-Being

Not only is contraception good for women’s health, it is good for the health of a society, for the well-being of all its citizens. Humans are social animals and smooth social functioning requires social structures and behavioral specialization, particularly... read more

Contraception and Women’s Health

The debate over contraception and abortion has raged around moral issues such as whether or not destruction of a conceptus (a fertilized ovum) is equivalent to destruction of a human life, and whether or not the use of contraception promotes promiscuity in women. I... read more

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